My name is Assistant Pastor Kenneth Ivory. I’m originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin by way of Philadelphia. I attended Temple University in the school of social work. While working in the field for 20 years, working in different social settings, I entertained a life of drug addiction. This spiraled out after thinking that being a functional addict would be sustained, and little did I know that I was headed on the path of destruction. Living a life of drug addiction, I landed in Toledo, Ohio thinking I was coming to get away from the lifestyle. I only got worse. During that time in Toledo, Ohio I began to work just to get high; 128 hour weeks just to maintain the madness. One night after getting high and having no-where to go I began to feel hopelessly lost wondering how I was going to get out of this situation. I began to cry out to the Lord that if he would get me out of this situation that I would serve him for the rest of my life. The very next day, someone from TOLEDO RESTORATION CHURCH came to the house and gave me a flyer. It read ‘TOTAL RESTORATION IS POSSIBLE’. Total restoration has been possible for me and my family. I am now currently the Assistant Pastor of Toledo Restoration Church. I could go on but I want to tell you what our ministry is continuing to do here in Toledo, Ohio. Our church is winning souls, saving lives, restoring families and bringing hope. We are a ministry that is dedicated to restore individuals and their families.

Toledo Restoration Church is a total recovery church in Toledo, Ohio dedicated to serving the needs of families and individuals who have been afflicted by drugs and alcoholism from this community and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to the total restoration of families that have been broken by this disease. We provide free live in Christian Recovery homes from men and women who have been afflicted by this epidemic of drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution. We help them step by step with daily prayer, bible studies, community involvement and character development with the word of God.
From the first day that one enters the Christian home, a gestation period begins. We determine what care and/or attention that individual needs, i.e. ‘Is he/she struggling with opioids, heroin addiction, alcohol or crack cocaine?’ We then attempt to nurture that individual according to his or her affliction. We know that an individual struggling with heroin or opioids will be; what we call kicking, where their joints and body will ache, they won’t want to eat, they sweat a lot even while sleeping, even hallucinate at times. Prayer for that individual is vital. We believe in the healing power of Jesus Christ unto salvation. A lot of men and women who enter the recovery homes have never been loved or have never had anyone care about them or their situation. Some have even been scarred mentally and sexually. Some have acceptance issues. Some men and women have a difficult time. This being a Christian home and given the structure and demands, can be startling to change one’s life from drug addiction. They come from situations where there aren’t any rules. Then come and have to be weened, if you will, to adjust to a life of order with prayer, bible studies and home chores. Our motto is to “Pray, Stay and Obey”.
For a different perspective we want to introduce to you Maria Mendivel, who is currently the secretary at Toledo Restoration Church. “To give you my story and point of reference, I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I am a product of a broken home. By that I mean my parents were divorced when I was a young girl. Being in the typical adolescent stage of life I rebelled due to hurt, pain and anger I carried inside which led me to a life of poor choices and soon alcohol and drug addiction. My life also spiraled downhill after the so called “party days” were over. I found myself as many may have at

some point in life, without purpose or value. I knew I needed help. My family was familiar with Toledo Restoration Church. So familiar to know the pastors and members personally and I knew that this was a place of refuge to run to in times of trouble. I started attending church services and felt a warmth and acceptance they carried and offered. After 3 years of struggling to maintain a healthy spiritual life I found myself in a dark place. I had relapsed and went back to the very life I had said countless times I would never return to. After dropping out of a local community college, on the verge of losing a job that I had struggled to attain, I thankfully and gratefully was able to come to a realization that I needed help and after swallowing my pride I entered the Women’s Recovery Home. Being in full time ministry now going on 8 years I’ve grown a love, passion and desire to help people who are hurting just like I was. Although I did not struggle with opioids or any hardcore drugs I know the pain of feeling rejected, unloved and unvalued. However, I know the answer to the problem. Which we believe is Jesus. I currently serve as I am needed here in our ministry. Whether it be, in the office or in the streets for outreach. I see first-hand the effects that opioids and the drug epidemic has had on our society. It’s so gripping to the point of knowing if I can make a change or attribute to stopping or preventing this madness I am willing to do my part. My vision has now become the vision of Toledo Restoration Church. I know now what I didn’t know then, there is a way out and it’s through the love and power of Jesus Christ.”
Our target is the drug addict. Our goal is to restore drug addicts and their families. Our vision is to plant restoration churches in the inner cities of America and in Mexico. We are a church that goes into the inner cities of America, the neighborhoods where no churches want to go. We travel on a daily throughout the tri state area; Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. We’ve even traveled as far as Los Angeles, CA to pick up individuals that want to change their lives. Our ministry consists of 23 churches throughout the US; and Mexico, where we now have 3 existing churches. Each of the churches have a men’s recovery home and women’s recovery home that function as one.
In conclusion, we believe that to help the opioid epidemic it starts with the church. As we refer to the church, we are not speaking of one individual church rather all churches as a whole. If all the churches throughout the nation would get out of the four corners, four walls and confinement of a building and help to seek and save the lost, hurting, addicted and oppressed, by preaching the gospel, we believe it could decrease, even as far as to even eliminate addiction as a whole.

Assistant Pastor Kenneth Ivory Sr.

Established in November 2018, Akron Restoration Home is a men's recovery branch from Toledo Restoration Church.

Pastor Kenneth Ivory Sr. also known Pastor Kenny & his wife Peggy Ivory, Directors of AKH work hands on with the men who are in our Recovery Facility. 

We believe that through the power of Jesus Christ, these men can overcome a life of addiction and go onto live victorious drug-free lives. 

Our Recovery home in Akron is a branch of Toledo Restoration and adopts all the same functions of Toledo Restoration Church.  They have daily prayer & devotion (bible study).

Open to everyone,Akron Restoration Home is a Men's Recovery Home for Men that are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction. We help you step by step develop a relationship with God. And overcome the cycle of addiction through prayer, meditation and fasting. 

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