Established in November 2018, Akron Restoration Home is a men's recovery branch from Toledo Restoration Church.

Brother Jesse & Sister Rosie Pinon, Directors of AKH work hands on with the men who are in our Recovery Facility. 

"My wife & I are from San Antonio, Texas. Our marriage was hurting and we were on the verge of divorce when God had a different plan for our lives. My wife was hurt and heard about Toledo Restoration Church and had been talking to some of the ladies in the ministry when she decided to get away for a while. It was the best decision she could have ever made. Being in ministry years before, after God saved my life from drug addction as a young 17 year old kid, I knew God was calling me back. I made the first move to Toledo, shortly after my wife came. We both were in the recovery homes for a little over a year working on ourselves before we were reunited. In that time God began to heal our marriage, our hearts and give us a new love for Him and each other! The same way God could save and restore our marriage we knew He could and would do for others. We were in training to become pastor's for 4 years before we were sent out to start Akron Restoration Home. Our desire is to see addicts saved and restored the same way we were."

We believe that through the power of Jesus Christ, these men can overcome a life of addiction and go onto live victorious drug-free lives. 

Our Recovery home in Akron is a branch of Toledo Restoration and adopts all the same functions of Toledo Restoration Church. 

They have daily prayer & devotion (bible study). 

Open to everyone,Akron Restoration Home is a Men's Recovery Home for Men that are struggling with drug/alcohol addiction. We help you step by step develop a relationship with God. And overcome the cycle of addiction through prayer, meditation and fasting.