* Is Christian live-in, no charge restoration homes for adult males with drug related problems.

* A place where God changes lives.


* The first phase of our program is from six to nine months (some stay longer as counselors or staff members). During this first phase a person is set free from life controlling habits and is taught Biblical principles and values that will equip and sustain him/her as they become productive, law abiding Christian members of the community.

*The second phase consists of the person's involvement in the church where they become responsible, active members of the church. 

*The third phase is preparation for full time ministry as pastors or team members to plant new restoration churches. 


* Is Christian live-in, no charge restoration homes for adult males with drug related problems. 

* A place where God changes lives. 


Total Recovery Is Possible!



Women's Home: (419)418-4581

Men's Home: (419)975-7654


It is very important that we establish our ministries of restoration of drug addicts to be effective and to have lasting results. That we leave a legacy of excellence that will continue with our vision of planting restoration churches in every city in the USA and Mexico. 


IN HOMES- Caring, Training, Guiding.

Phase 1 - ICU: Most important phase, must train workers to do it. (5 to 10 days).

Phase 2- Foundation: A personal intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and scripture. (30 days minimum) 

Phase 3 - Ministry: Training in ministry participation, responsibilities and character. (Time as needed) 

Phase 4- Missionary Teams I:ntegrate in evangelistic centers (No time limit). 

Phase 5 - Evangelistic Centers: Integrate in evangelistic centers (No time limit). 

Phase 6 - Plant Churches: Teams to plant churches-train to plant churches. "Not a novice, but one that has been proven." (1 Tim. 3:1-13)

I. CARING- It is very important that we go the second mile with a sincere heart and really take care of them. 

II. TRAINING- Must be a priority in our homes and churches. Constant instruction and coaching in leadership to multiply our ministries. 

III. GUIDING- It is important to guide our men and women according to scripture. Never lower your standards. Enforce our rules and schedules.