Here at TRC our Men's Home is taught the value of work and responsibility. We are fortunate to partake in various job opportunities through a group called Kingdom Promotions. This is our 4th successful year working for this group of people.                                                 Located to the left is at Cedar Point, the Men's home is pictured with a christian artist, Franchesca Battistelli. (Point Fest)

TRC also hosts an Annual Women's                        Banquets                                         **Pictured to the right is TRC Women's Home at Hampton Inn in West Toledo at the Women's Retreat 3 years ago. And also the Women's Crusade flyer for this past year, along with the WOW Women of Warfare Conference that was held in Miami, Flordia this past October.                                                                                             Call Maria Mendivel, Church Administrator to inquire more info about Women's Gatherings and Events (567)315-8517 

TRC Men's Home serving food at one of our Crusades. Stay tuned for listings of our Upcoming Crusades. (Indoor & Outdoor)

From left to right: Brother Melvin, Brother Jesse, Brother Adrian & Brother Joshua

Pastor Eddie (picture credit, Toledo Blade) 20 years ago preaching the gospel in Cherry Woods Apartment Complex. We still host street rallies for the community there.  

For More Info on Street Rallys                                                      Contact Church Administration: (567)315-8517

^^Lousiville Crusade was a success!^^

Miracles Signs & Salvation happened under that tent and all throughtout the city of Louisville! Praise Jesus!



Our Annual Restoration Conference this past June 2017 was a great time in the Lord. 

We as a branch from Imperial Valley Ministries; located in El Centro, CA travel yearly to these Restoration Conferences to receive impartations of the Holy Spirit, hear teaching from the Leadership Development Syllabus's; Designed by our Senior Pastor Fernando Rivas and to be uplifted and encouraged with the word of God! >>>>>>

Happy New Year! Praying you have a prosperous and fruitful 2019!